In the following section you may find papers and articles published in peer-review journal by members of the GrEPOP group.

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Explaining the Attitudes of Parliamentarians towards European Integration in Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia: Party Affiliation, ‘Left–Right’ Self-placement or Country Origin?“, Roula Nezi, Dimitri Sotiropoulos and Panagiota Toka, Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 61, No. 6, August 2009, 1003–1020.

Attitudes of Greek Parliamentarians Towards European and National Identity, Representation, and Scope of Governance, Roula Nezi, Dimitri Sotiropoulos and Panagiota Toka, South European Society and Politics, Vol. 15, No. 1, March 2010, pp. 79–96.

Economic voting under the economic crisis: Evidence from Greece“, Roula Nezi, Electoral Studies,Volume 31, Issue 3, September 2012, Pages 498–505.

Organizational continuity and electoral endurance: The Communist party of Cyprus” Antonis A. Ellinas and Yiannos Katsourides, West European Politics, forthcoming (2013).

Conference Papers:

In addition to the annual conference taking place in Thessaloníki, the GrEPOP members have  presented articles on Greek politics  in a variety of international events .

New Political Opportunities for an Old Party Family? The Case of Golden Dawn in Greece

Authors:  Iannis Konstantinidis, Elias Dinas, Vassiliki Georgiadou, Nikos Marantzidis, Lamprini Rori

Introducing Heterogeneity in Explanations of Youngest Voter Turnout, Iannis Konstantinidis  and Kostas Vadratsikas, Paper prepared for presentation at the Joint Sessions of the European Consortium for Political Research Session: ‘Personality and Voter Turnout’, Münster, March 22-27, 2010.

Close Friends and Estranged Folks within the European Centre Right Bloc,  Iannis Konstantinidis. Paper prepared  for the  EPOP Conference 8-10 September 2009, University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Hidden Leaders, Alexia Katsanidou and Iannis Konstantinidis, Paper prepared  for the  EPOP Conference 10-12 September 2010, University of Essex, United Kingdom.

Ticket-splitting’ in EU ‘Split-Level Democracy, Iannis Konstantinidis and Zoe Lefkofridi, Paper prepared for the ECPR Joint Sessions in St. Gallen 2011, Workshop 18: Issue Congruence and Policy responsiveness in European Governance.