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IANNIS KONSTANTINIDIS  serves as convenor of GrEPOP. He is an Assistant Professor at the Department of International and European Studies, University of Macedonia, Greece. His research interests focus on voting behaviour and political parties. He is co-editor (with N.Marantzidis and T.S. Pappas) of “Parties and Politics in Greece: New Developments” and editor of the Greek edition of Tim Bale’s “European Politics: A Comparative Approach” and of Rod Hague’s and Martin Harrop’s “Comparative Politics and Government” . His recent articles appear in  Party Politics, Comparative European Politics, Journal of Political Marketing,  International and European Politics and  Science and Society.


RoulaROULA NEZI serves as vice-convener of GrEPOP. She is a Postdoctoral Fellow at GESIS  – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences. Previously, she was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Konstanz, Germany.  Her research interests are in the area of political behavior, political representation and political methodology. For several years she has conducted research in many comparative European projects on political representation, political behaviour and political elites. She has recently conducted an expert survey on political parties in Greece. Her research has been published, among others, in Electoral Studies, Acta Politica, Europe-Asia Studies and the  South European Society and Politics.



Dinas_EliasELIAS DINAS  is a Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Brasenose College and Associate Professor in Comparative Politics at the Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford University. His research interests include the dynamics of political socialisation, political psychology and political methodology. Recent work has been published or is forthcoming in various journals, including the British Journal of Political Science, Political Behavior, Electoral Studies, and the European Journal of Political Research.



gemenisKOSTAS GEMENIS is Assistant Professor of research methods at the Department of Public Administration.He has conducted research as a DAAD Fellow in Germany and he is a senior member of the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG), founding member of the Greek Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties group, and is currently involved in PreferenceMatcher, a consortium involving researchers who collaborate in developing e-literacy tools designed to enhance voter education. His work has been published or is forthcoming, among others, in international journals such as Acta Politica, Electoral Studies, Party Politics, Political Studies, and the European Political Science Review.



vasilikiVASILIKI GEORGIADOU is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the Department of Political Science and History, Panteion University, Greece. Her current research interests focus on political behaviour, social cleavages, right-wing parties, political extremism and negotiational model of democracy with special emphasis in Central and North Europe. She is author (in German) of Non-capitalist Aspects of Development in Greece in the 19th Century (Frankfurt/M: Peter Lang, 1991) and (in Greek) of  “The Far Right and the Consequences of Consensus: Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany“. She is also editor of the Greek edition of Paul Hainsworth’s  “The Politics of the Extreme Right“.



AlexiaALEXIA KATSANIDOU is Head of the International Data Infrastructures Team at GESIS-Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Cologne, Germany, where she leads a team dealing with issues of Data management and Data harmonization. Her Research interests include political behavior, voting, protests and political parties. She is also interested in the quality of representation in the EU polity.  She has published in European Union Policy, International Journal of Conflict and Violence, Science and Society and in IASSIST Quarterly.





ZOE LEFKOFRIDI is an Assistant Professor  of Comparative Politics at the University of Salzburg and a Max Weber fellow at the  European  University Institute.  Zoe is interested in democracy, citizenship and representation via parties in Europe and the EU, with a special focus on aspects of inequality (gender and migration). Her work is published in, inter alia, Comparative European Politics, Representation –the journal of Representative Democracy, Journal of Common Market Studies, the European Union Politics and the Electoral Studies among others.




NIKOLAOS MARANTZIDIS is an Associate Professor at the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies, University of Macedonia, Greece. He also was a visiting professor at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic from 2006-2012 and a visiting professor at the University of Warsaw since 2012.  He is author of nine books (in Greek) on Greek Civil War and the Greek Communist Party. He has published more than 50 papers in English, French and Greek. His publications include: ‘The Communist Party of Greece after the collapse of Communism (1989-2006): From the proletarian internationalism to the ethno- nationalism’, ‘Transnational Migrants Views on Multiple Citizenship in Greece’, (with H. Athanasiades and A. Mantzaridou), Multiple State Membership and Citizenship in the Era of Transational Migration, ‘Exit, Voice and Loyalty: Les stratégies des parties communists ouest-européens après 1989’.


LampriniLAMPRINI RORI  is a Marie-Curie Fellow at Bournemouth University. Lamprini is also a political communications expert, drawing her experience form both the French private sector (AgenceVerte, Paris) and the Greek government (General Secretary for Press and Mass Media, Cabinet of the Minister for Citizens Protection & the Minister for Regional Competitiveness and Development). She has published various chapters in collective editions and articles. Her publications appear among others in Party Politics, West European Politics, Pôle Sud, Memoria e Ricerca, Journal of Political Marketing, and Cahiers de la Méditerranée.